Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sara Palin Changes My Life

Happy Thanksgiving!! My “little Daggy” was curled into my chest when she started to snore. Then she went into that “REM part” of sleep when she twitches and jerks. Her back claws dug into my hand waking me up at 2:00 a.m. Try as I might I can’t get back to sleep, so I figured it would be the perfect time to pound out a journal entry.

My head is still spinning from all that happened on a busy Wednesday before Thanksgiving. I have always shied away from new technology. Back in the early 1980’s I was working in building 9 on one of the “Blue lines”. These assembly lines had about 100 people working on them assembling the heating/air-conditioning units. One of my co-workers brought in the first walkman I ever tried. It was unreal to me to have such a small (at that time!) unit that enabled you to have the music you wanted. Those early units sold in the $100.00 plus range back then.

To be honest the factory was not a safe place to wear and listen through headphones: the use of those gadgets was quickly outlawed. When I changed departments to the “outback” of Building 8 I broke down and got myself a Walkman. The price had come down to the $40.00 range for a GE model that came with a charger stand. We were pretty much hidden out of the way and management pretty much left us alone.

That poor Walkman of mine got beat up in no time! Rubber bands held the door shut where the cassette tapes slid in. The headphones were always sliding off the spring steel that held it tight to your head. I used to love to take one of the units off the headphone and pretend it was a microphone. I would walk around doing “Man in the street” interviews with my partner in crime Al. We sure could get people laughing.

The current day I-Pods are such an improvement over those early walkmans. When we erg at the AquaticCenter the “kids” are all plugged into their music. It never made that much difference to until I signed up for the concept 2 challenge. Wednesday was my turning point!

There are some six TV’s hanging from the ceiling of the “Y” in the area where I erg on the rowing machines. Thank God the sound is off; there is some way to listen through headphones. Usually three of the units are tuned to Faux News with the split screens, talking heads, and streaming disasters of the minute. Normally I can’t be in the same room as that networks news broadcast.

I settled into Erg Wednesday rowing a comfortable stroke rating shifting between 24-30 strokes per minute. Doing a 10,000 meter set, the first and last 2,000 meters are usually the worst for me. The TV directly ahead of me was tuned to C-span reporting on Sara Palin signing her work of fiction. That was the feature from Hell, because it never ended! The camera would pan from “perky Sara” scribbling her name on the frontispiece of her book to the lines of losers who waited hours and hours in horrible weather to have a book signed. That feature was on the entire time I was erging. That could have done something to keep my heart rate up from the agitation! I had Sara to thank to finally break down and get a MP3 player!

Home from the “Y” I started doing my research on line to determine what MP3 player would best suit my needs. I know I don’t want an Apple. They are way too fancy and expensive. It looked like a basic unit from Best Buy would be my best bet.

After doing my research I went to fix me up an iced coffee. The ingredients were poured into the blender jar and the switch was clicked. NOTHING. DAMN!!!! It seems like everything is breaking lately. My Oster blender is nearly as old as I am. Mom got it so she could make milkshakes to fatten me up. The cord was dry and crumbly, that had be the problem.

Going through my junk in the workshop I found an old power cord from a long gone radio I was able to use. While I had the thing apart, I disassembled the motor as much as I could to do a cleaning and lubrication of the bearings. That old blender has never had any attention for as long as I can remember. The works got reassembled and the switch was flipped. WHOA!! Does that motor ever spin now! It really chops up the ice! That should be the last time I have to mess with it in my lifetime!

Debbie called while all this was going on. She needed to do some quick shopping and then meet her mom and Jammer for Mexican. This will work out perfect. I’ll ride out with her to Best Buy and then have supper.

Things were quiet at Best Buy. It used to be music would always be blaring in that store. I was able to get a clerk to help me out. He was a great kid. I explained how this was all I-Pod stuff was so foreign to me and how I just needed a unit to listen to at the gym. Nothing fancy, no bells and whistles. He seemed a bit relived when I explained how I researched different units on-line. What threw me off was the inexpensive players were on the bottom part of the rack, pretty much hidden.

The SanDisc was my choice. As I was checking out, Kim and David from the Rowing Club showed up behind me in line. They were laughing seeing what I was buying, as I had mailed out my dilemma earlier in day to my rowing peeps.

We met Sherri and Jammer for Mexican. I love these people so, but their world view is formed by Faux news. It is so narrow. I gave up years ago trying to have an educated discussion with them on current events. Sherri was on a tear about how people were being arrested by the FBI because some virus downloaded kiddie porn to their computers without the knowing it. Any attempt to explain how a firewall or virus protection works was fruitless. The computer is the work of the devil according to her.

As I was typing this out it all came together. Sherri is representative of the “teabagger” movement. These people are seeing the world changed beyond their comprehension. They refuse to grow with the changes: they are frightened and scared.

Enough of this: I need to make up some coffee. Happy thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ergging and Trish's Birthday

It is getting colder now. My Google homepage has the current temperature pegged at 51°. The bedroom where my computer is registers at 60° and the furnace is running as I type this out.

With the temperatures cooling, my Daggy wants to be on my lap as much as possible. I tried to note while she was perched there. However, it is impossible to type an entry with her in that spot. She is now happily curled up on the bed while her “brother” Stumpy is exploring outside.

I met with Alison, Trish, Laurie, Amy, Rachel, and Will to erg at the Aquatic center at 8:00 a.m. We did two 15 minute intervals on the Concept II’s. It is so great to train in a group like this. Truth be told, I was set to call it quits five minutes into the first set! But I had to keep face so I sweated it out and pushed myself. The second interval was a bit easier.

In the room we use above the mirrors we face Alison has posted a large banner type poster of the Alabama Crew with a message at the bottom. I wish I could remember it word for word, but it goes into how competitive rowers hit their aerobic thresholds on the first strokes of a sprint at 52 strokes per minute. That is when the body kicks into the anaerobic mode obtaining oxygen from stored fats in the body.

I remember learning about this when I took a Health and Wellness class back in 2003. It made sense to me back then and now I can actually witness the results first hand. I see so many of the same people at the “Y” working out and not pushing themselves to utilize this concept. I can understand because it is not pleasant while you are doing it. It is so easy to make up an excuse to stop when working out on my own. Rowing with the crew makes me really push myself. There is something to be said about pride. When I finish and know I’ve kept up with the others it really is a feeling of accomplishment.

Today was Trishes birthday. We all went to City CafĂ© for breakfast to celebrate. I made up a CD of some of the horrible music I forced her to listen to going to the Huntsville Race! I also gave her a Metropolitan Paving Brick that I acquired in Defiance, Ohio. We had such a fun breakfast. I was bad and got my favourite of chicken fried steak, white gravy, eggs over easy, grits and biscuits. I know I’ll have all the bad stuff from that meal worked out of my body in a day or two.

I was talking about this commercial at breakfast; I don’t think the gang believed me. Here it is…the cold cream that was made for the “atomic age!”

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Morning Entry Sunday

November is half over with already. Where has the time gone?? Today looks to be another stellar and busy day, so I’ll get this entry out early.

Today dawned bright and clear. I wanted to share the view from my bedroom window as the sun was rising. What better way to start the day then seeing Sasanqua blossoms and fire hydrants??!! I’m annoyed I left the rake leaning against the Holly Hydrant! But, this is real life, nothing staged!

Stumpy settled in on the bed after his foray outside in the chilly morning air. Daggy curled up with him making for an idyllic picture opportunity.

The cats love to snuggle into the unmade bed, which gives me an excuse to leave it a mess! Nearly all my possessions have histories behind them: the bedding I use is no exception. The light blue wool blanket originally belonged to my great Aunt Bess on mom’s side of the family. The heavy “natural colour” wool blanket with the black stripes was given to me by “cousin Criss”. She was in the process of moving to an Adult Care facility in the mid 1980’s. I was able to make a trip to her place to help a bit and she loaded me up with stuff. She told me this blanket was acquired on a trip to Scotland to visit family in the late 1930’s. Supposedly it was made from wool harvested from the family’s sheep and was woven not far from the homestead. It is a wonderful blanket I use year around.

I just put another pot of coffee on the stove. These chilly mornings one pot is not enough! I want to have enough left over so I’ll have a supply of stale coffee for iced coffee later on in the day.

I need to get to the boathouse early today to help the collegiate rowers unload the sweeps from the last race of the season. They are such good “kids” I enjoy helping them out.

We masters should have enough people to take out an eight later in the afternoon. I was kind of disappointed we were not able to get out Friday. I know I’ll be tore up after rowing, so this morning entry is the easy way out for me to stay legal in NoJoMo!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Racing in the Head of the Hooch Regatta

Monday afternoon was open for me so I was able to get to the boat house early to unload the boat trailer. John from the varsity crew was there when I showed up. Together we were able to get the oars, stretchers, and small stuff pretty well taken care of.

Once the other people began to show up we were able to get the sweeps unloaded. I was on the trailer lowering the sweeps to those on the ground. I felt like I was 20 years old again hanging off the trailer supports working with the boys!

A good group from the masters club showed up to help rig up the boats. This was the first time we all worked as a group with the collegiate rowers helping them to rig up their boats. This means a lot to me as I don’t want our club to be looked upon as a burden by the collegiate rowers. We are all such novices; I was always intimidated to just jump in. I think that barrier has been broken.

We were moving the rigged up sweeps into the boathouse, Kaley the cox was calling “You lazy guys, get ‘hands on’”. I ran over to help out and she said, “I didn’t mean you Jamie!!!” I had to laugh and I told her to yell at me when ever I needed it, I was just one of the boys!!!

Hurricane Ida officially hit land this morning. It began to sprinkle last night just as we were finishing rigging up the boats from the race. I slept in till 5:00 this morning. It was Stumpy pawing at my nose that finally got me going. It has been a steady rain with gusts of wind blowing the leaves off the trees. This is the perfect morning for a huge greasy breakfast. No better way to start that out then home fries with lots of onions cooked with lots of butter in the cast iron skillet.

Stumpy insisted on making his rounds in the rain. It was a wet cat clawing at the screen to be let into the house at 7:30 a.m. He finished up the last of his wet food and is now curled up on the bed with Daggy.

It is time to pour another cup of coffee and get back to documenting the Regatta in Chattanooga.

The motel had a breakfast set up: Nothing really fancy, bagels, muffins, juice, coffee and the like. There was a crock pot of gravy for biscuits… I was afraid to eat that kind of stuff that has been just sitting around. We all left early to see Charley and Will launch off in the doubles competition. Alison then walked us up to the bridge to scope out the race course.

My stomach was starting to knot up and the anxiety level was rising. We stopped at the registration tent on the way back to the sweeps. I grabbed an apple, banana, orange, and a moon pie. The banana was eaten on the fly, and the apple was devoured before hoisting the boat up.

It took a while to walk to the launching dock. It was quite a sight to see a line of boats in either direction. We passed the safety inspection for the heel ties and bow ball. The launching dock was mayhem. I think I read there was a boat casting off every 20 seconds.

We launched off and began the ordeal of rowing against the current to the starting chute. We worked through drills and exercises in “holding the set”. Poor Tina and Amy our bow pair really had to work. They were the “steering wheel and first gear” to maneuver us around the other boats as they bunched up as we neared the start. With the current being so strong it was impossible to hold steady in any one spot. There was one mansion we passed I don’t know how many times! You want to use the row up to warm up, but still have the bulk of your energy for the race.

Looking downstream it was quite a sight to see the river just filled with boats. All I could think of was the “Miracle at Dunkirk at the start of WWII when every boat available on the English Coast crossed the Channel to France to rescue troops stranded on the beaches of France. Steve who was in Jason’s boat said he counted over 80 boats!

When we rowed across the river I knew it was time to give it my all. This is where time just does not exist. We built up pressure rowing through the “chute” to be at speed when we passed the start line.

In a head race you have to work hard, but you have to be steady to make the end of the race. This is where all the mornings on the Concept II's payed off. There are so many things I’m concentrating on:

Sit tall and look ahead not scrunching the shoulders, stretch over the ankles before moving the knees, slow the seat down, REACH for the rigger for a long stroke, early roll ups, lift at the catch, catch together, don’t dig the blade, RELEASE together…. Really there is nothing to it!

Robin our cox called out drills: ten good strokes for release, ten good strokes for catches, and I see the 1,500 marker. This was where I nearly broke down. I’m so used to rowing in meters on the Concept II’s I’m thinking we had only done 1,500 meters! Dear God, I’ll never last till the end!

We got passed by one sweep and we could see Jason’s sweep gaining on us. This was the main rivalry: the race between Jason and Alison’s boats. Alison was in the stroke seat. She brought the stroke rating up to 29 strokes per minute for the last 1,000 meters of the race. Once I saw the bridge abutments pass by I knew the finish line was not far away. I gave it all I had and prayed I would not catch a crab

We survived the race in one piece. Nobody crabbed or had any disaster. We accomplished what we needed to do. It was a scramble to get off the dock. We were not in the correct positions height wise to make it an easy trip back.

The race results were:

18    00:16:01.1 Black Warrior Rowing Club A              
                    Handicap: 18 seconds
19    00:16:36.7 Black Warrior Rowing Club A                                  Handicap: 27 seconds
20    00:17:01.1 St. Louis Rowing Club C                                      Handicap: 51 seconds
21    00:17:29.6 RocketCity Rowing Club, Inc. B          
                    Handicap: 76 seconds

We did not come in last, and my sweep (Alison’s) won the “rivalry race” by 31 seconds.

With the race over I realized what an experience this has been for me. Getting involved with rowing and this diverse group of people has truly changed my life.

Robin and Alison sent out E-mails in regards to this. I’m just going to copy and paste from those mails to finish out this entry:

Robins E-mail:

Rowing family,

I just wanted to say thanks to all of you for a really great experience this weekend. Twelve months ago, I never would have pictured myself in a boat powering down the
Tennessee River rowing all eight in one of the largest regattas in the country. I never expected to have that kind of opportunity, nor did I ever expect to have the courage to do something like this.

But being with all of you makes the decision to suck it up and try an easy one.

So it might not have looked like it at the end of the race today (I'm still not well; sorry if I looked gloomy!), but despite the hiccups, I was really thrilled with what we did and I just wanted to remind everyone of what, exactly, that was:

  • This was our 4th race ever as a club.
  • This was Chrys's first race as a cox.
  • This was Ken and Kim's first race ever.
  • This was the first time either boat rowed together in full racing line-up as it was meant to be.
  • No one crabbed.
  • No one ran the boat into/perilously close to a navigation buoy.

And for my boat, if you didn't hear it, the dock ref going out complimented you all on your professionalism and timeliness getting the boat up, out, and off.

I know that in the spring for the sprint races, we will face a new set of challenges. I also know that the more we do this as a club, the better and more confident we will become. We will perfect our BWRC cheer and our racing uniforms. We will be stronger in the boat and work harder to find the right ratio and rhythm. We will get more blisters. And you know, we'll have fun doing it.

But I also know that twelve months ago, I never would have been able to say "Yeah, I coxed a boat at the Hooch last year."

Alison’s mail:

Aw man...Robin beat me to the "yay team" email! Darn. Oh turn!!

In short I want to basically reiterate the very same email and give my praises to the entire group for absolutely representing our newly founded club so well! As I have said before, I thought long and hard about taking the team to this kind of event knowing how complicated and hectic it would be, but I felt that despite our novice experience, it needed to be something we should experience!

As I tell all my ACC rowers, with every race you row, learn as much as you can from each mistake and each triumph. Keep these experiences close to you as you grow and learn from them.

Folks, I want to thank you for your continued loving words of thanks to both me and Jason. We appreciate that you take the time to thank us and love us for coaching. We thank you back for giving us your trust and your dedication to make the impossible...possible!

Row Warriors!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Saturday Road Trip/Bricks/Regatta

I had such strange dreams last night… I wonder if they were the result of the lactic acid in my muscles. When the alarm went off I was VERY sore getting out of bed!

Anyway, let me document my big weekend. I was on the road Saturday to Chattanooga at 5:00 a.m. I had a stop to pick up paver bricks on the way. My “Google” searches of Craigslist turned up an ad for “street pavers” in Chattanooga at $1.00 ea. I contacted the seller and he told me to just give a call when I get near. This always makes me wary. I’d rather have a destination I can make a map to. He said he had seven dump truck loads of paving bricks.

I called Tom the brick seller from the cheap Pilot gas station at exit 4 off I-59 in Georgia. This is the usual stop for me to get coffee and gas. I was in line to pay for my coffee behind a couple headed to the big Alabama-Louisiana game in Tuscaloosa. They each were checking out with quart bottles of beer at 8:30 a.m.!! I’ll bet they had a fun drive!

I got my directions from Tom to go to Kimball on I-24 and then exit for South Pittsburg. Then ½ mile from the fork look for “The Leak Shop”. I’m assuming this would be a radiator/auto repair shop. I drove the main street of South Pittsburg never locating the shop. I backtracked and tried the other fork with no luck. I just knew this was going to happen!

Getting out my trusty Trakfone I called again. Tom was gone, but I spoke with his wife. Now I had a general knowledge of the area and I knew where she was directing me. It turned out the business name was “Da Sleep Shop” which sells beddings!

Tom and his cousin Jasen arrived shortly after I did. Tom was thrilled in that he squeezed 300 bricks onto his cousin’s pick-up. I KNEW this would be impossible. Even I would not overload my truck this badly. Sure enough, the boys had plain old building bricks. Some of the bricks were embossed as being from DaltonGeorgia on the side. I told them I’d take those ones as I can use them for traders at swaps but not at the paver price. I felt sorry for the guys, they were so crestfallen to learn what they had were nowhere near the value they thought. I gave them $50.00 for about 100 bricks which was more than fair.

Building brick vs a street paver brick

I hightailed it to the motel in Chattanooga. Peter and I were sharing a room which was in my name. I wanted to make sure he would have access to it in my absence. I explained to the desk clerk I knew I was not able to check in… BUT I wanted to get Pater’s name on the reservation. She had her arm in a sling and had to type with one hand. She assured me all was taken care of as I left.

I located our boat trailer on the west side of the bridge abutments a little after 11:00 a.m. Nobody was around, so I headed to the launch & finish line. I was right by the Vespoli tent when Amy called me on the cell phone. She and Tim were on their way, we made arrangements to meet up.

We hooked up and went to the bridges to observe the Alabama crews. Amy told me how earlier she and Alison witnessed a sweep tasking on water and sinking. (I later learned from a referee this sweep had hit a buoy unobserved and stayed in the race. I’m pretty sure that is grounds for disqualification.)

We witnessed a “four” hitting the bridge abutment and an eight hitting one of the markers just before the finish line. What heartbreak to go the entire course and then screw up at the VERY end!

We cheered on the Alabama crews when they passed under the bridges. Not long after we hooked up with Laurie, Tina and crew by the vendor tents. I lost them when I had to make a purchase. An awesome tee shirt!! There is a running joke about being Bi-sweptual and rowing both sides of the boat. The definitions on the back especially the “seat slut” are me!! LOL!

I caught up with the gang and we all headed to the boats so we could start the rigging process. I had a general idea where they were, it was Rachel who came to our rescue and accurately directed us! On the way my cell phone rang. I always jump when that damn thing goes off. It was Peter; the motel will not let him into the room. Why did I know this would happen? I told Peter to tell whoever was at the desk he was on the reservation; it was taken care of by a one armed woman! Once he relayed this information all was fine.

We got the boats all rigged. The more we do that task, the easier it becomes. With all taken care of we went back to watch the races. I was starving. We had passed a vendor stand selling French fries and funnel cakes. I have not had a funnel cake in years. That used to be a staple of mine back in the early 1970’s at Renninger’s Flea market. I used to get one nearly every Sunday when I used to bicycle there from Lancaster.

It was fate; the stand ran out of batter and I got the last one! I was approached by more kids wanting to know where I got the funnel cake. It was my sad duty to report they were no longer available. As I filled up I gave away hunks of the greasy, sugared fried dough to the questioners. The days of me eating a whole portion of that stuff is long gone.

Arrangements were made to meet for supper at a little place near MLK Blvd and 13th Street. Before I headed off, I changed into my Utilikit and new tee shirt! Vague directions again set me astray. I was looking for the intersection of MLK and 13th. It was never relayed the restaurant was on Market St past MLK and before 13th!

Jason was the first to spot me entering. He just shook his head laughing as he always does when I wear the kilt! It was a first for most of the team to see me in the Utilikilt. It made quite an impression. After all that fried dough I was not horribly hungry. A small lasagna and salad were the perfect supper. I would have loved to have had a beer or two, but I don’t want to do ANYTHING to throw off the race Sunday.

I’m getting apprehensive and nervous as to what the outcome will be. Seeing the rowers today, I realized we are really out of our league. If we just finish with both teams in one piece I think that will be an accomplishment.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Regatta and Brick Weekend Coming Up!

We were able to squeeze in a quick practice this morning. We took out the Tenancity, (Not sure of the spelling on this one!) which is the number two boat the club is rowing in the regatta. It is Starboard rigged which can cause confusion as we are so used to rowing the club eight which is rigged for port. Half way through the practice the sound system died. After the problems with the cox box I’m dreading what is wrong. The box in use is the problem one that was repaired. (testing the unit out in another sweep it turned out the wiring in the boat shorted out when the water started to get splashed in! It was a wet row!)

It was a sloppy practice, I was not happy as the sweep was never on a constant level. Not even for a few strokes. Balancing the boat depends on so many different factors. The hand levels of the oars, the timing of how the oars “catch” into the water, the timing of how the oars “release” from the water, the pressure of the rowers legs from right to left as the push back, the center of gravity sliding up on the seat, etc. For something that looks so graceful, easy, and beautiful from a distance, it sure is involved to tie it all together. I think that can be said of so many aspects of life… the things that on the surface to be so obtainable are the hardest to realize.

What makes things so frustrating is how we are never able to row together with the same crew. Life gets in the way so there are always substitutes sitting in for the practices. When you row with the same people you know what to expect from each rower. God, who would have thought a year ago I’d be carrying on like this??!!

I’m so looking forward to the “Head of the Hooch Regatta” this weekend. We will be competing against 20 other boats in our class! No doubt those we beat out in Huntsville will be out to kick our butts.

I plan to arrive early Saturday morning, as I have an appointment to get a mess of bricks! Talk about killing two birds with one stone! Then I want to experience the race. My coach Alison pointed out there will be great and poor rowers there; observe and learn. I also want to be on hand to help the collegiate boys when they cast off. Extra hands are always needed to move oars and whatever to and from the docks at race time. They are always on hand to hand to help us out, I want to be able to do the same.

I need to do a shopping later on. Not something I’m looking forward to. I plan to check around to see if I can find black doo-rags at Wal-mart for my crewmates. With our new black shirts that would be totally intimidating.

I washed out my Utilikilt and am debating if I’ll wear it or not. The mornings are so cool now, but with heavy wool hunting socks, the black long sleeved team shirts and my old beat up work boots, it is a pretty impressive look.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

I pulled out to driveway about 5:10 this morning to head to the boathouse. I was VERY angered to see my Stumpy flying across the deserted street. I did not have the time to stop and get him into the house. The MAIN rule is “NO CATS IN THE STREET!” He keeps a wide berth during the day when traffic is heavy and he is never out for the entire night. He has survived this long; I can’t keep him locked up in the house. His life would be so miserable. He is stretched out on the bed as I type this out….

The moon was high in the sky when I unlocked the gate to the boathouse. Robin asked if I could possibly sub for her. I usually show up every row to fill in when needed. I have a key to the gate and there are usually rowers waiting in line for admittance. By me arriving early we have a chance to get oars and launches out before the coaches arrive. That gives the coaches more time to concentrate on the workouts for the day.

Enough rowers showed up for the sweep. Since I rowed Tuesday and Wednesday, I left so other subs could get on the water. I returned home to fix up a nice greasy breakfast of homefries with lots of onions cooked up in the cast iron skillet with half a stick of butter. I saved half my smoked ham from yesterday which was heated through while my egg cooked. I will have to do some serious work at the “Y” later to burn off those calories!

Our teams got together for tee shirts for the upcoming regatta. These are long sleeved with the BWRC down the right side and the team oar design as a stripe across the chest. A black doo-rag really finishes off the ensemble. I tried to get a shot of me wearing the shirt from the mirror on a door. I don’t think I’ll submit this to one of the “dating/hook up” sites! You always see mirror shots with the face covered…. Opps I mean that is what I have heard, I would never go to such a site!!! LOL!

We have gone for quite a spell without rain. My doors, and drawers are closing again as they were meant to do. It is nice t get my house back to “normal”.

Another garbage pick up is history and the mess down the street just gets worse. Soon as I post this entry I’ll call the 311 number again. I know if I were a parent I would be mortified to have my offspring living under such conditions. These kids’ parents are paying about $2,000.00 a month for them to live in these houses. If these students don’t have the common sense to take out the garbage, I don’t think they are getting much out of college.


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